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Trainer, Educator, Competitor, and qualified Equestrian Australia Level 2 Instructor and Coach Educator with an Equine Business Degree. Imtiaz has managed and coached several International Young Rider teams in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing. He has pioneered International Study tours all over the world including the U.S, Australia and New Zealand giving his students International exposure.

He has trained and worked with some of the best riders in Australia, England, France, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United States. His passion, commitment with a rare ability to go above and beyond for his pupils is admirable. His simple but intense practical approach to the sport and his involvement in the overall development of his students is unique. He coaches and mentors all his students to reach their maximum potential. If you have it in you, he will walk the talk with you.

Imtiaz gives Clinics and Mentorship workshops globally and is a guest motivational speaker at sporting events.

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My Students

Jamie McCelroy

One star National Champion at Interschools 2016
One star National Champion at interschools 2017
One star Junior Winner at Melbourne International 3DE 2018
Competing at CCI Two Star level and Showjumping 1.25m

Lucy Ramsay

One Star Melbourne International Three Day Event
Winning Inter School Nationals
Competing at the Two Star Level and Showjumping at 1.25m

Isabella Arabjeo

NSW Combined Training Champion of the year 2017
NSW State Champion Novice Dressage 2017
SW Reserve rider of the year 2017
Reserve Champion Junior 95cm Australian Eventing Championships 2018
Competing at Medium Dressage

Carla Jimmerson

Beginner Novice Regional Champion
1st at American Eventing Championships BN Level
Competing Nationally in the U.S.

Clare Pinney

1st CCN One Star Riverglen
1st Riverglen Horse trials
4th CCN One star Chathill
9th TB makeover 2017 in field hunters.
Kennel Huntsman, Cedar Knob Hounds

Carly Payne

Age of 14 Competed at CCI One Star Level





My Story

‘His honesty and talent creates in his friends a natural wish to help him reach the “mountain top”. His true charm is never calculated and allows him to share his own dreams.’ Hamish Wilson ex-CEO Rhône-Poulenc.

An Absorbing story about a young man making his dream of competing in the Olympic Games come true. The high and lows of his journey, the stories of the many people who helped him ride his way to every event and every success. Of his many horses that came into his life with whom he shared a special bond. As he says in the book “If you want something badly enough you will do anything to get it.” Sherna Gandhy, Journalist.

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